Welcome to Grosvenor Montessori School (GMS)

Where authentic Montessori education is offered in a warm, welcoming, and friendly environment. We believe that children are competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, and rich in potential. Thus, we have designed an encouraging and stimulating program where children are taught the necessary skills to become independent, responsible, productive and loving citizens of the world.

The calm, peaceful and inclusive atmosphere of GMS honors and respects all children’s beliefs, cultures, languages and experiences. It is of vital importance to us to ensure that each child experiences a sense of belonging in a place were they spend a substantial part of their day.

Our school is designed such that it is an extension of children’s homes. The beautifully designed classrooms are airy, spacious, vibrant, and with great natural light. The classrooms are set up in such a way that facilitates children’s exploration and independent learning. All furniture and shelves are child-sized and lightweight, giving children the ability to move them around easily, and promoting a sense of autonomy and confidence.

GMS takes a child-centered approach to learning. Contrary to the traditional teacher-driven programs, each child sets the pace for his/her learning. Our experienced and knowledgeable educators will merely mentor and guide children in the right direction.

In order to foster a greater desire to learn, children at GMS are given the freedom to choose activities that spark their curiosity the most. Our educators will ensure that the activities chosen are at each child’s level of understanding and ability, while simultaneously allowing them to be the driving force in the decision making process.

Through our comprehensive programs children are exposed to academics, languages, athletics, arts, and music regularly. We are confident in our ability to promote and develop skills in children that will result in them achieving their highest potential in a warm, nurturing, and loving environment; preparing them lifelong learning and success.

We invite you to take a tour of our website to learn more about our school and its programs. We look forward to welcoming you and your child into our Grosvenor Montessori School community.